Combining deep expertise and industry-leading partnerships to create the world’s largest marketplace for genomic data.


Veritas, The Genome Company, created the most widely used genomic data software Arvados and was the first company to break the $1K genome barrier. Their expertise will help us develop the Nebula marketplace in Arvados. In addition, Nebula will benefit from Verita's sequencing and interpretation capabilities.

Insilico Medicine specializes in artificial intelligence and deep learning on biomedical data. Their capabilities will help us develop tools for deep genomic data analysis, which will provide the medical community with the information they need for groundbreaking research.

Bitfury is a leading blockchain technology company that has developed the Exonum blockchain framework and together with Insilico Medicine has created Longenesis. We used the Exonum framework to create the Nebula blockchain and have integrated the biomedical data economics models developed by Longenesis into the Nebula token economy.

If you’re interested in partnering, we’d love to hear from you.

Making genomic data accessible and affordable for researchers.

On-Demand data generation

Researchers can generate genomic data by paying the sequencing costs for individuals with phenotypes of interest.

Easy access to data

Nebula’s decentralized database allows researchers fast and consolidated access to data while enabling transparent consent management and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Efficient data management

The Nebula platform offers scalable storage, efficient organization of genomic big data, and high throughput data analysis that generates reproducible results.

Reduced data prices

The Nebula network uses blockchain to eliminate middlemen thereby lowering prices for genomic data.

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