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Nebula Genomics is building the world’s first online marketplace for genomic and other health data. It will connect consumers and their information with researchers and the medical community, providing ready access to a wealth of data that will revolutionize medical research. We are accelerating the era of data-driven, personalized medicine, that will vastly improve healthcare outcomes for people around the world.
Nebula Genomics was co-founded by one of the pioneers in human genomics, George Church, along with Harvard graduates Dennis Grishin and Kamal Obbad.
We have raised $4.3 million in seed financing with participation from leading venture capital firms including Khosla Ventures, Arch Venture Partners, Fenbushi Capital, Mayfield, F-Prime Capital Partners, Great Point Ventures, Hemi Ventures and Mirae Asset; we also have industry-leading technology partners in Veritas, Bitfury and Insilico Medicine.
We have headquarters in two of the world’s leading biotech centers: San Francisco and Boston.
Genomics has enormous potential to transform healthcare and usher in the age of personalized medicine. While the technology exists to make this future possible, what’s missing is access to the large-scale, aggregated genomic data researchers need. We want to make access to that and other vital health data a reality.
Using genomic and health data on a large scale, researchers can develop tools to better diagnose diseases, as well as create new medicines to cure and prevent diseases. Genomics will also lead to dramatic advances in personalized medicine, where your individual genome will guide more effective decisions about everything from medical treatment to diet, exercise, and family planning.
Consumers are concerned about the privacy and security of their genetic data, as well as who controls its use, which makes them reluctant to share it. As a result, very few individuals have been sequenced to date. The data also lacks diversity which further impedes research.
Even if there were more genomic data available, it would be hard for researchers to use, because genomic data today is scattered across many different and often incompatible databases. Access is hobbled even more by inefficient system processes, middlemen, and bureaucracy.
We’re building a decentralized computing platform that will enable access to genomic data on a large scale. We will provide incentives for millions of people to share their genomic information via our platform by offering them security, privacy, full access control, and compensation. Buyers can use our platform to obtain and analyze the specific health and genomic data they need, at the scale they require, without ever moving the data off the platform.
We’re creating a blockchain-based, distributed storage, sharing, and computing platform for biomedical data. Consumers will be able to have their genomes sequenced and make them available on the platform, maintaining complete control over who can access it. Data buyers in academia in industry will use the platform as both a marketplace to obtain access to that data, as well as a computing platform for analyzing it.
Nebula uses blockchain technology to ensure transparency and traceability for all interactions on the platform. Individuals set their own privacy permissions, so they can choose how they want to secure their data and be totally comfortable with how buyers are using it. Blockchain technology creates an immutable public ledger of transactions and privacy controls, so that everyone can verify that access to the data is being handled appropriately.
We don’t store your data: When consumers choose to have their genome sequenced through Nebula, they will have the option to to store it themselves, on any cloud system they choose, and in encrypted form, meaning there’s no central database to be hacked. We don’t own your data: Only the consumer decides when and how to share it, and the platform ensures that nobody can use that data without explicit consent and letting consumers know exactly who is asking for that access. We don’t let data buyers see your data: The platform will employ a combination of distributed computing and privacy-enhancing technologies. This will allow buyers to access and analyze your data, but never see it in plain text or be able to download it.
Nebula offers a transparent, secure and fair reward system based on a token economy. Nebula tokens will allow buyers and sellers to exchange value in the marketplace, so that data buyers can subsidize the cost of genome sequencing as well as compensate consumers for data access. In the future, we will enable developers to integrate genomic apps into our token economy and consumers will be able to buy these apps with Nebula tokens.
Nebula will become an indispensable tool for people to sequence their genomes at an affordable cost, securely manage their genomic data, understand their own health better, and be able to make decisions – alone or with their doctor – about medical care and lifestyle that will lead to a healthier life.
Nebula offers a single source for access to the genomic data they need, at the scale they demand, and accelerates its purchase with smart contracts. We help ensure regulatory compliance by minimizing data transfers and employing privacy-preserving technologies. Our technologies enable scalable storage and computing on genomic big data as well as efficient data organization and reproducible analysis.
We differ in a number of important ways. With Nebula consumers will sequence their complete genome; most consumer genetic testing services use genotyping that captures only a tiny percentage of your genetic information. It’s the difference between reading a book or trying to understand it by reading just one page out of every 100. In addition, we don’t own, sell, or control the data, unlike services that profit by selling your genetic record to third parties. That’s a risk to privacy, and it means only the service profits from the data. Nebula provides a fair and transparent reward system that lets consumers realize the value of their information.
Soon! We are aiming to have a beta version of the technology ready sometime this fall so that consumers can join the marketplace right away and be ready to interact with the first wave of buyers.
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