Frequently Asked Questions

Nebula Genomics was co-founded by award-winning genomics pioneer Prof. George Church, along with Harvard graduates Dennis Grishin and Kamal Obbad. We are backed by leading venture capital firms including Khosla Ventures, Arch Venture Partners, Fenbushi Capital, Mayfield, F-Prime Capital Partners, GreatPoint Ventures, Hemi Ventures, and Mirae Asset. Our offices are located in San Francisco and Boston, two global centers of tech and biotech innovation.

Nebula Genomics can help you understand your genome, which is the genetic information encoded in your DNA. We can tell you about your ancestry, inherited traits, and disease risks. We also enable you to maintain control of your personal genomic data, share it securely with researchers, and get compensated fairly.

Researchers can use genomic data to understand the causes of diseases and develop new drugs. We created Nebula to accelerate genomic data generation, incentivize data sharing, and make large datasets easily accessible on a single network. By making genomic data available to researchers, we want to help advance medicine and improve healthcare.

We are different from our competitors in three major ways. First, Nebula Genomics is strongly focused on privacy and transparency: We enable our users to retain control of their personal genomic data and share it securely. Second, we make personal genome sequencing more affordable: We shift the sequencing costs to researchers and enable people to get compensated for data sharing. Third, we provide more accurate and comprehensive analysis: Our next-generation sequencing technology can read out whole genomes, while most of our competitors use outdated technologies that would capture only a tiny percentage of your genetic information.

You can purchase Whole Genome Sequencing directly from Nebula Genomics. We will send you a saliva collection kit and, after receiving your saliva sample back from you, we will extract, sequence, and analyze your DNA.

If you purchase low-pass Whole Genome Sequencing, we will analyze your ancestry and inherited traits including physical appearance, personality, athleticism, nutrition, sleep, and more. The analysis of clinical-grade Whole Genome Sequencing data will additionally include disease risks, carrier status, and adverse medication responses.

The accuracy of your results will depend on whether you choose low-pass or clinical-grade Whole Genome Sequencing. Low-pass sequencing reads out your genome at a lower depth than clinical-grade sequencing (0.4x vs. 30x average coverage). The results obtained from low-pass sequencing data have an accuracy of ~99%, while clinical-grade sequencing produces results that are >99.99% accurate. Low-pass sequencing is much more affordable than clinical-grade sequencing, yet it generates thousands of times more data than the outdated technologies our competitors offer at similar prices.

On average, you can expect to receive your saliva collection kit within two weeks after ordering. After sending your saliva sample back to us, your results will be available in about 8 weeks. Note: Due to a recent high demand, results have been known to take a few weeks longer. We are working on resolving this issue and reducing wait time.

Yes! You will be able to download your genomic data if you wish, in BAM and VCF formats, which are two of the most widely used formats for encoding genomic data.

Yes. However, we advise against using low-pass Whole Genome Sequencing data to learn about your health. While an accuracy of ~99% might seem very high, some results will be erroneous if many genetic variants are interpreted and traits predicted. Please purchase clinical-grade Whole Genome sequencing from Nebula Genomics or other sequencing providers if you want to learn about your health.

You can purchase low-pass Whole Genome Sequencing now with Nebula credits that you earn by participating in surveys and referring friends. In the future, you will also have the opportunity to receive free clinical-grade Whole Genome Sequencing if you are matched with researchers who offer to pay your sequencing costs in order to earn access to your genomic data.

We use blockchain technology and multi-party access control, which means your data is encrypted with multiple keys, and those keys are held by different parties. This gives you full control over your data and makes data sharing transparent. For example, you may choose to be informed every time a researcher requests access to your data, and you can deny any such request. To protect the data that you decide to share, we will make sure that your data is anonymized and we will furthermore limit researchers’ access to it by implementing distributed, privacy-preserving computing.

Yes! Everyone can use the Nebula platform to participate in surveys, share genomic data and earn Nebula credits. Our sequencing service will become available outside the United States by Q2 2019.

Clinical-grade Whole Genome Sequencing will become available in Q1 2019.